“I’m very glad that I have one more day of vacation because I’m not going to be able to put this book down until I’ve finished it! It’s now past 4am and I’m halfway through. It’s an amazing read, Stuart. I’m engrossed!” Michael Byars, USA

“Stuart really captured all of what Celebration 2017 was. The energy, the entertainment, the emotion. Very descriptive, he makes you feel as though he took you along on this trip to Paisley Park and on the adventure of finding spots that are part of Prince’s history in Minneapolis. Prince is smiling down on you, Stuart.” Tami Foster, USA

“Travelog, biography, guidebook, gastro; this book is all of these things, but is essentially an unrequited love story, whether the author realizes it or not. His knowledge of his subject is outweighed only by his love for the man and his music. The addition of a map is a lovely touch, as are a set of photographs that really convey the emotion and joy of the whole trip. Five stars.” AMAZON UK

“Stuart’s love for Prince leaps off every page and the story of his journey to Minneapolis to commemorate the first anniversary of Prince’s passing is an absolute pleasure to read. Stuart clearly has an expert knowlegde of his subject, yet the reader can still feel his sense of wonderment at what he experiences, whether it be his visit to Paisley Park, discovering Prince’s childhood haunts, meeting members of his idol’s family and band or even simply a car journey through the Minnesota countryside. I’ve heard so many people say about this book ‘when you read it, you feel like you were there’, and it’s absolutely true. I write this an anything but a Prince ‘aficionado’. Beyond two or three singles, I have little knowledge of his life or music, but this book has certainly filled in a few gaps and has encouraged me to investigate further. Great stuff!” Bill Aitken, UK

“Full disclosure: I am a purple friend of Stuart and make a brief appearance in this book. That said, I greatly enjoyed Stuart’s heartfelt narrative as a Prince fan “coming home” to Minneapolis. Although I live in Minnesota, in following Stuart’s travels, I learned a few fascinating tidbits along the way. For example, Sound 80 recording studio still exists as a business! Who knew? And Jucy Lucy’s at Matt’s Bar – how is it that I’ve lived in Minneapolis for 18 months and have yet to indulge in a Jucy Lucy? The stop at the former Moon Sound Studio was incredibly poignant and you can be sure I’ll be making my own pilgrimage there soon. What’s more, as someone planning to attend my first Celebration at Paisley Park this spring, I have an insider’s knowledge about what to expect. Stuart is such a good-natured and enthusiastic guide to my own city and you can bet I will be tracing some of his travels myself.” Laura Tiebert – Prince biographer – USA

“I haven’t been able to put it down. Made me laugh and made me cry. Incredible detail of what was clearly a very special journey for you. Bravo.” Dan Briggs, UK

“A must for all Prince fans. A stunning piece of work getting you that little closer to the man and where he lived. Keep the legacy alive.” GB, UK.

“The level of detail in this book is incredible, from the first page you feel like you are on the journey with the author. His passion and knowledge for Prince appears to hold no bounds, and every page brings with it swathes of new information that will make even die hard fans gasp for breath. The adventure unfolds at such a rapid rate of knots, that it is hard to comprehend the series of events and right place right time moments that made this the ultimate trip of a lifetime. Whether you’re a fan of Prince or not is irrelevant, this book is a great read that will make you laugh and make you cry in equal measure.” Philip Clarkson, UK

“Luv the book. Great addition to my collection!!!” AMAZON US

“The book is brilliant. I really enjoyed the tour around the house. I see why it would never be the same if you went back too. Well done. I think Prince himself would be over the cherry moon!” Mark Jennings, UK

“Just like the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter, Stuart Willoughby’s book Minneapolis Reign meticulously follows the footsteps of arguably the greatest musician of all time, but better than that, Stuart’s book is like a VIP pass to the world of Prince. Minneapolis Reign is the definitive guide for anyone who wants to spend some time dancing in Prince’s world. It’s the story of a Prince fan going to explore Prince’s Minneapolis and it’s a guide to what’s where and how to find it, but best of all, Minneapolis Reign is from the perspective of one of us; a fam who loved with a passion the artist known as Prince and who will forever be in our souls, minds, and hearts. The book is closed, for now, until I want to go for a walk with Prince again. Thanks Stuart. Loved it.” GF, UK

“Damn U … took the book on the tube and first few pages made me cry. Cant read in public now without looking crazy!” DR, UK

“Fantastic read. You have cracked this Stu. Only two chapters in and don’t want to put it down.” JB, UK

“Just finished. Bravo!! Loved it! It was a fun journey you took me on. Thank you for sharing this with me and everyone else. You have a gift for writing!” TF, USA

“Stuart, I loved your book very much. The book is full of recognition for me as I also attended Celebration 2017. I will cherish my memories forever and for the details of that special week I now have your book. Reading it was sometimes very emotional, but I am sure I will read your book again and again. Thank you for taking me back in time!” Pascal Besselink, HOLLAND

“I read the first twenty pages when I got home last night. Astounding detail! I expected that level of detail regarding Prince, but the architecture, history and general descriptiveness – very impressive!” Gary Walters, UK

“It’s a brilliantly written book, feel like I’ve been to Paisley! ” Susan Jefferson, UK

“Wow. I love the passion and knowledge that the author has. I know I will never go to Prince’s home but I felt like I was there. I got this as a music fan and not a big Prince fan as I only have a few of his albums that I am now going to dig out!” MJ, UK

“Already engrossed and I’m only up to Thursday! I can’t put it down! You really get a sense of being there with you on this exciting journey. Your passion and enthusiasm of this great adventure jumps out of the book on every word!” Dawn Cooper, UK

“Stuart, I really really loved your book. Ordered another one to give away. For all who went to PP or want to go, this book is the best! Highly recommended!” Claudy Lubbers, NLD

“You really have a talent for writing. Loving it so far X” DK, UK

“Hey Stuart – hope you’re well, just wanted to say that I finished reading Minneapolis Reign this morning & absolutely loved it – thank you so much. You captured every moment of what was clearly a life-changing trip. I so wish I’d managed to make it over for the anniversary, but I kind of feel I was there now. And thanks too for doing & sharing all the leg-work for a future MPLS pilgrimage – I hope to make it over there before long & shall be using your book as THE Guide! I went to the London exhibition at the O2 yesterday (for the second time) & though you just get a flavour of what Paisley Park must be like, having read your book made it all the more vivid and real. I do hope the book is turning out to be a success. You really deserve it. It’s well written, fantastically observant, and very moving – yes, several sections brought a tear to my eye. I should think it’ll appeal to the regular reader as well as the the hard-core fam. Yours will certainly join the ranks of the Prince books that “get it!” Many congratulations.” Phil Clarkson, UK

“Only on page seven and I have something in my eye. Congratulations Stuart, I’m looking forward to reading the rest.” Chris Bailey, UK

“Really does give a feel of being there beside you – and that’s even before getting to the emotional aspects to come.” GDW, UK

“Started reading it last night. I feel like I’m on the trip to Mpls too. Really enjoying it so far.” DL, AUS

“Just finished reading the book. It’s an absolutely phenomenal document of your trip.” BT, UK

“Enjoying the book! It’s literally minute by minute! You could only write a book like this about a handful of artists as he’s so intrinsically connected throughout his life to that city.” Andrew Johnson, UK

“An absolutely fascinating read.” SM, UK

“I’ve never really been a fan of his music, but I I recognise immense talent and Prince was out on his own in front. I’ve just finished reading your book, Stu. I loved it and could feel your love for him throughout this trip. Well done! I’m off now. Prince is taking me shopping!” Richard Vernon, UK

“A beautifully written candid account of a life long Prince “fam” making a pilgrimage on the first anniversary of Princes’ untimely death. I felt as if I was on the trip with the author, and the descriptions made me visualise the world he is in. A superb read, and a must for everyone who loves popular music and of course any Prince “fam”. Thank U Stuart Willoughby for taking me on this special journey with you.” MA, UK

“I LOVE IT! My only mistake was not buying more than one copy!” SM, USA

“Had me reeling emotionally and longing to go back, but you recounted the trip with such exactitude I know I’ll never need to.” Jonathan Tait, UK

“Damn, I’ve read the free pages and now want to read the rest!” Mike Sargent, UK

“I felt like I was back in Minneapolis. You’ve done a tremendous job and should be proud of not just the book’s success, but its very existence.” Ben Thompson, UK

“It is by its very nature, excellent.” JPT, UK

“Congratulations, I know how much work must have gone into this, and from what I have read so far it has certainly paid off.” Hamish Witta, NZ

“Hey Stuart, just wanted to say a huge congratulations and thank you. Your book is brilliant. I was so excited when I came home to it yesterday. I couldn’t wait to read it. It’s so cool!” AD, UK

“I loved your book. Thank you!” Jason Noonan, USA

“I am really enjoying this book. I have been to Minneapolis a few times now and its like being there all over again. Thank you!” Michele Coker, USA

“I have just finished reading it and what an incredible journey it was. So nice to read and know more in-depth the stories about the people you met and how things just fell into place and happened. I understand more now why when you said it was a one time thing for you because you really can’t ever replicate those experiences and meetings again.” Erica Daniels, UK

“A book not just for Prince fans but for anyone who loves music. Stuart’s passion for his subject leaps from every page. The attention to detail is astounding. At times I felt I was right there alongside the guys in the car travelling the highways and byways of Minneapolis. I learned a lot about an artist about whom I knew very little and that is great credit to the way the story is told.” CB, UK

‘It’s exceptionally well written. In fact, it’s just like having a conversation with you, but written down!” CC, UK

“Just received your book last night. Read about 60 pages and had to put it down to sleep! I’m so glad I️ can experience this through your book. I’ve cried already. I️ am already so in love with this book. I️ really can’t thank you enough.” JJ, USA

“I’m happy that the journey has made you feel closer to him. It must be an amazing feeling for you. Thank you again for sharing your journey.” ED, UK

“An utterly tremendous read. It’s evident how diligently researched, passionately written and sensitively considered this book is. Well done Stuart.” AT, UK

“When I got to the photo of you outside First Ave the tears started to flow as I realised that right behind you was the flower that Mark and I had left for Prince. I have just finished the book and I just wanted to say thank you Stuart for telling us your story. The part when you toured PP took me a long time to read through the tears. I loved it.” Jill Fullick, UK

“Thank you so much for your book. I am about half way through now and I am loving it so much. Makes me feel like I am right back there.” WD, USA

“Amazing book, Stuart. I have maybe twenty pages left to read. It’s beautifully written!” Kim Laybourne, AUS

“Does justice to the little big man’s memory and talent.” AM, UK

“Your book is so descriptive, I feel like I was there with you! I’m up to the part where you found out who the special guest was. I SO wish I could have gone.” SNM, USA

“I love your attention to detail! I can actually see it in my mind..and I’ve never even been there. I’m going for Celebration 2018! I can’t wait!” Sharon McAllister, USA

“Thank you for the book which I got yesterday. I never expected to cry!” JF, UK

“I loved the book Stuart. I couldn’t put it down! Well done!” Joanne Donnelly, UK

“I’ve just finished reading the book. Its absolutely wonderful. It puts into words so many of the feelings and thoughts I had, and have. I feel the same that I’ll always be happy for the good times we’ve had with Prince and proud, like you, of the stuff he achieved. The level of detail and Prince knowledge is legendary. It was so good to re-live (with tears and smiles) one of the greatest few days of my life. The stars were lined up that we were all there together. Thank you so much.” Mark Flanagan, UK

“I felt like I was there with you. In all seriousness it’s a wonderful book.” KL, UK

“When someone who means a great deal to you dies, be it a loved one or a celebrity whose work is deeply meaningful to you, the grief that follows can be overwhelming. Finding a way to address and deal with that sense of loss can be a challenge, and in “Minneapolis Reign” its author, Stuart Willoughby, tells the tale of one such effort, as the life and work of Prince Rogers Nelson was of supreme importance to him from the moment he first heard the music as a young lad. As he tries to deal with the sudden loss of Prince in April of 2016, he and two friends travel from England to Minnesota to attend a celebration of Prince’s life which took place one year after his passing. In this book, Mr. Willoughby shares his journey with the reader, and does so in a very personal and candid manner. From its opening pages, “Minneapolis Reign” is clearly the work of a man dealing with the dual emotions of sorrow and excitement, as well as of a man who has a deep and impressive knowledge of its subject, as it details his first journey to Paisley Park, the site of Celebration 2017 and Prince’s live-in home and office. This book is especially suited for the reader who enjoys taking their time, as the amount of detail and research Mr. Willoughby has included is formidable. He isn’t satisfied to simply narrate his story – he intends to bring you along and, in your mind’s eye, have you at his side as he and his mates arrive in Minneapolis, drive around the area finding locations of great and specific meaning in Prince’s life, enjoy their first Jucy Lucy, and experience sights and sounds that left them struggling for the words to describe the elation and joy they felt as they shared these moments not only with each other but with hundreds upon hundreds of other deeply devoted admirers of Prince. Those members of The Fam would truly enjoy this book and understand all the references Mr. Willoughby made, and the greatness of his storytelling here is that he brings even the casual Prince fan close enough that they too feel that connection with the artist formerly referred to as The Artist. Rich in detail and sincerity, with photos to enjoy and a map of their Minneapolis travels to follow, “Minneapolis Reign” is an excellent read; only if you had personally said to Mr. Willoughby “take me with U” would you have gained a greater sense of his experiences. Enjoy.” MB, USA

“Do yourself a favour – if you’re into music – even just a little bit – buy this book.” Alison McKenzie, UK

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